Sometimes when I am by myself I like to look for information, videos, quotes or something along those lines that help motivate me during times of hopelessness. My goal here with these videos down below is to create an easy and accessible location to come to and receive artistic inspiration.

If and when your feeling down, please by all means come on by and watch one of these videos. I am telling you, after a few minutes maybe an hour. Your going to be ready to take on that work that you have been putting off.

Thanks again for stopping by. Blessings to you all!


People Hate. It’s what they do. But keep going, and don’t stop for NO ONE!

We are all leaders at one point in time. Question is… How well did you perform?

** this one takes you to youtube. sorry 😦 **

Take responsibility. Move forward. You Deserve it!

Just a little more! 

Freedom of choice. It’s what has been given to you. 

Adapt. Obstacles are only learning experiences for growth.

We are all meant to SHINE! each and every one of US!


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